Communications Guidelines for Grant Recipients

The generous donors who establish funds at Inland Northwest Community Foundation (INWCF) appreciate your acknowledgment of grants to your organization. The following guidelines have been developed to assist in your communication efforts.


Acknowledging Your Grant

•Please use the following language to refer to your grant: This project/program was funded (or funded in part) by a grant from [the name of the Fund] at Inland Northwest Community Foundation. The letter you receive will specify the exact name of the fund.

• Grant acknowledgments should include confirmation that your organization is using the grant money for the specific purpose the grant was given.


Contacting Donor-Advisors

• If your grant is from a Donor-Advised Fund at INWCF, we encourage you to contact the donor directly to express your appreciation forthe grant. Donors do not need a “receipt” or gift acknowledgment for tax purposes since they have already received that from INWCF when they made the gifts to their fund. We appreciate you providing us with a copy of your acknowledgment for our files. E-mail or fax is acceptable.

• If you do not know the donor and need their address, you may contact PJ Watters, INWCF Director of Gift Planning, at 509-624-2606 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If the grant is from an anonymous donor, please send the acknowledgment to us, and we will forward it to the donor.


Submitting Materials

We publicize our grants through local media and as stories in our newsletters, Web site or annual report. We also encourage you to tell your story about receiving an INWCF grant in your own communications efforts. We appreciate receiving copies of media highlights and appreciate your photographs that show how your grant-funded project benefits the community.


INWCF Description

If you need a further description of INWCF, please use the following:

As your community foundation, Inland Northwest Community Foundation has awarded more than $42 million in grants and scholarships throughout our 20-county region since 1974. Our mission is to foster vibrant and sustainable communities in the Inland Northwest. We accomplish this by awarding grants to nonprofit organizations in order to provide critical human services, enrich education, arts & culture, promote economic and community development and to support our environment. We work with individuals, families and businesses to provide charitable benefitsthrough 371funds we manage with assets of approximately $76 million (as of June 30, 2013).



We encourage you to use our logo in the appropriate format. You may include a link to INWCF’s Web site from your organization’s Web site or refer to in written materials as well. 

Please click on the following links to download high resolution images:
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Contact Information

Molly Sanchez, Director of Community Engagement, 509-624-2606, 888-267-5606 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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