1. Community Funds/Area of Interest Funds
  2. Donor-Advised Funds
  3. Designated Funds/Agency Funds
  4. Scholarship Funds
  5. Charitable Trusts
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Community Funds are discretionary endowed funds that meet emerging needs and critical initiatives in our region, as well as exceptional charitable opportunities.  Distributions from these funds are pooled with INWCF’s other discretionary grantmaking dollars to make grants through the Community Strategies Grant Program. See Seed Funds.

Minimum contribution = $5,000



Endowed Funds can be started as Seed Funds with as little as $1,000 per year. Endowed Community Funds require a pledge of at least $5,000 over a five-year period. Once these funds reach the required minimum, grant distributions can be made.



Area of Interest Funds are a type of Community Fund that enables donors to direct their giving to meet ever-changing community needs within a specific interest area.  Donors can promote natural conservation or foster economic development, or another area of interest of their choice, and be assured that INWCF will carry out the donor’s wishes. Current Area of Interest Funds at INWCF support: arts and culture, historic preservation, women and children, seniors and disadvantaged individuals. Current funds also exist to support specific geographic areas, such as Pullman and North Idaho. Anyone can make gifts to an existing Area of Interest Fund.

Minimum contribution = $10,000



Donor-Advised Funds also meet critical needs and the greatest charitable opportunities in our region or our nation; however, these grants are made based on recommendations from Donor Advisors (see INWCF Policies for Donor Advised Funds).  Donors may choose to appoint advisors in addition to themselves, such as children or grandchildren. See Seed Funds. These funds may be either endowed or pass-through.

  • Endowed funds are invested with the intent to protect the principal. They are intended to be permanent. Distributions are made based on INWCF’s Endowment Distribution Policy.    Click here to try our endowment calculator.


  • Pass-through funds are not invested. Instead, the full fund balance is available to spend. The fund is intended to be spent in a shorter period of time.

INWCF’s professional grantmaking staff is available to assist with the following:

  • Confirming each charitable recipient’s qualifications or tax-exempt status
  • Identifying current issues or needs in the region
  • Identifying specific organizations that are meeting the donor’s charitable goals
  • Providing assurance through our reporting and evaluation process that the donor’s philanthropic dollars are being put to the best possible use.

Minimum contribution = $10,000



Endowed Funds can be started as Seed Funds with as little as $1,000 per year. Endowed Donor-Advised Funds require a pledge of $10,000 over a ten-year period. Once these funds reach the required minimum, grant distributions can be made.



Many of us care deeply about specific charitable organizations and programs.  Donors can provide permanent support to one or more of their favorite organizations by establishing a Designated Fund.  With this type of Fund, the organization(s) or charitable program(s) the donor names will receive distributions in perpetuity while benefiting from INWCF’s investment stewardship and expertise in managing endowment funds.  

Minimum contribution = $10,000



An Agency Fund is a type of Designated Fund created by the nonprofit for its own benefit.  More than 50 organizations throughout our region have established their endowments with INWCF so their own staff is freed up to focus on their mission.  An Agency Fund makes charitable distributions to the organization to support its general charitable purposes; or a specific purpose as defined by its board of directors. Additional gifts from any donor of any amount may be added to the fund at any time.

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Minimum contribution = $10,000



Scholarship Funds are designed for donors who want to assist students from the Inland Northwest attend colleges, universities or vocational schools in the Inland Northwest or, with certain scholarships, attend school outside of our region. Endowed funds can be established in the donors’ name or in any name the donor chooses.

Minimum contribution = $25,000



Charitable Remainder Trusts allow donors to receive personal income for the rest of their lives. This popular life income plan is carried out by transferring cash, appreciated stock, real estate or other assets into a trust and identifying a trustee who manages the assets and makes payments to the living beneficiary of the trust.  The donor names the beneficiary and can define the terms for distributions to be made over a defined period of years or for a lifetime. After this term is complete, the remaining assets in the trust transfer to INWCF to a fund that will benefit charity. That fund may be any one of the fund types described above.

Minimum contribution = $100,000


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