fulfsAt age 19, Myrtle was walking beside the Snake River on a lunch break with three girlfriends, dreaming about qualities they would like in a husband. When she found an empty bottle on a path, she wrote a note on the back of a bank deposit slip listing the qualities she was seeking. She tucked the message in the bottle and tossed it in the river. Two years later, with her note long forgotten, she met the man of her dreams. Robert Fulfs and Myrtle were married for 57 years and had three children and two grandchildren. In 1999, the bottle was recovered and a 16-year-old boy from Clarkston contacted Myrtle with flowers in hand. The story attracted media attention, and the two new friends traveled to New York to appear on national television. In 2014, a decade after Robert's death, Myrtle established the Robert & Myrtle Fulfs Family Fund at INWCF to support the family's favorite charities.

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