The North Idaho Partnership Council (NIPC) is made up of ten business and community leaders from the six northernmost counties of North Idaho who support and advance the mission of Inland Northwest Community Foundation in North Idaho.

North Idaho Partnership Council members represent and serve the following Idaho counties: Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah, Shoshone and Latah. Members act as ambassadors for the Foundation to help determine community needs and advise the Foundation regarding grants and charitable gifts that support the North Idaho region. The members include:

Harry Amend - Kootenai County

Hollis J. Anderson - Shoshone County

Sandy Ashworth - Boundary County

Ellen Delevan - Kootenai County

Karl J. Dye - Bonner County

Paul Kimmell - Latah County

Michele Magnuson - Kootenai County

Chris M. Meyer - Benewah County

Julie Meyer - Bonner County

Cheryl Morgan - Shoshone County

Kim Schwanz - Benewah County

Dave Walter - Boundary County

Donna Woolston - Latah County


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