The International Trade Alliance is proud to maintain the legacy of Mr. Edward Masao Tsutakawa through the scholarship in his name. Born in Seattle, Mr. Tsutakawa was educated as a young man in Nishinomiya, Japan. He returned to Washington to attend college, and then settled in Spokane where he opened a successful printing business.

His contributions to the Spokane community are numerous. He co-founded the Spokane Nishinomiya Sister City Society; he was the Planner Builder of the Spokane Nishinomiya Garden; he was devoted to the Boy Scouts; was the Administrator of the Expo ’74 Japan Pavilion; and served as the Eastern Washington Liaison for the Office of the Consulate General of Japan. Mr. Tsutakawa served the community in a wide range of areas, serving on the Housing Authority Board; Zoning Commission; Spokane Art Board; Chamber of Commerce; YMCA; and the United Way to name a few.

Mr. Tsutakawa had numerous passions that he promoted to the very end of his life – international relations and young people being two. He was a talented artist as well. His legacy will have an impact on Spokane for many generations and the Tsutakawa Scholarship is one such way that his life is honored.

Scholarship Application Guidelines

The International Trade Alliance of Spokane, Washington offers the Tsutakawa scholarship annually to local college and university students pursuing studies aimed at careers in international business and trade. The scholarship was named for Mr. Edward Tsutakawa, in honor of his outstanding commitment to promoting Spokane in the international arena. The scholarship is a one-time grant to be used to pay for tuition, fees or books. Applicants must be full-time students showing clear evidence of academic focus in global relations or commerce and achieving academic excellence. Graduate students and undergraduates may apply. Deadline is March 18.


The scholarship committee of the International Trade Alliance will select a recipient and runner-up based on written applications. Applicants will be judged based on the following requirements:

Applicants will show evidence of formal declaration of appropriate major related to International commerce or global relations and completion of at least several courses related to the major.

Transcripts should be submitted along with evidence of current full-time student enrollment status. Student must remain full-time during the year of the receipt of the scholarship.

Applicant should possess a minimum 3.0 GPA. Any exceptions to the academic GPA performance will be made only where the nature of extracurricular and/or employment activity is particularly significant.

Awards will be granted on the basis of student’s academic and activity record, statement of career objectives, and recommendation of faculty or employer. The scholarship committee will also consider how the student is a reflection of the values by which Mr. Tsutakawa lived.

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