Grants awarded through the Community Strategies Grant Program are made possible by the following funds established at Inland Northwest Community Foundation. (Please note: Organizations seeking funding must apply to the overall Community Strategies Grant Program, not to any of the specific funds within the program.) 

Allan H.  Toole Fund

Anton Albert Fund
For the care and assistance of those over 70 years of age who are in need or unable to earn their own livelihood

Bell Family Fund

Betty Castle Discretionary Fund

Betty Castle North Idaho Fund

Betty M. Castle Fund
Care and assistance of young individuals who are in trouble or who need help on the way to becoming responsible adults

Bill & Nancy McGregor Fund

Bonner and Boundary Counties Fund
Bonner and Boundary counties only

Bouten Family Fund
Provides for basic needs of people in Eastern Washington through human services and education-related projects.

Buder Memorial Fund #3
To provide social justice and assistance to disadvantaged persons

Charles C. and Evelyn P. Leithe Fund

Children's Fund
For children and youth

Cosgrove Discretionary Fund

Doris L. & Neil J. Kenney Bonner County Community Projects Fund
For programs in Bonner County

Dorothy E. and Lloyd D. Weir Endowment Fund

Douglas Family Fund

Emma F. Allen Fund
For the care and assistance of elderly persons

Endowment Fund for Women and Children
To provide assistance in many forms to low-income women with children

Ernst and Greta Toll Fund

Evelyn M. Kratzer Fund
For the promotion of child welfare or for the benefit of elderly people within Spokane County

Fasset-Graham Fund
For support and care of people over the age of 70 residing in Spokane

Florence Wasmer Fund for Arts and Culture
Support for arts and culture programs throughout the region

Florence Wasmer Fund for Children and Families
Support for programs that provide basice services for children and families, with emphasis on programs that encourages self sufficiency

Florence Wasmer Music Fund
For the promotion and advancement of the performing musical arts

Fort George Wright Historical Museum Fund
To benefit museums and organizations providing historical education programs in Spokane County or the geographic area known as the Inland Empire

Fredrik Sindre Max Family Fund

George F. Ingraham, Jr. Family Fund

Grandparents Fund
For children and youth

GTE Fund for North Idaho

Hanford Fund

Henrietta Burkowsky Fund
For education

Henry Day - North Idaho Fund

Henry Treede Field of Interest Fund
To those charitable institutions in Spokane County whose main function is the assistance to poor and/or aged

Inland Northwest Performing Arts Fund
For performing arts

Jesslyn Schultz Endowment Fund
For Eastern Washington only, to encourage a love of music, especially classical music, in children and youth.

Joe M. & Florence P. Smith Fund

KACHE Youth Fund
For children and youth

Katherine G. Gellhorn Fund for the Arts
For the arts

Lester Allen Fund
For the care and assistance of elderly persons

Lester Family Fund

Leuthold Endowment Fund
Restricted to Spokane for projects other than capital improvements or equipment

Lucille I. Hudon Fund
For the purpose of establishing or operating multipurpose sport complexes within the City of Spokane or Spokane County north of the Spokane River

Luke G. & Beuletta M. Williams Family Foundation Fund
For Eastern Washington, with preference for capital projects in or near Spokane County

Margaret F. Galbraith Fund

Memorial Endowment Fund

Molly Miles Farmin Fund
For the purpose of funding arts, culture and youth in the Spokane metropolitan area, and for funding cultural activities in the area of Sandpoint, Idaho.

Nell Louise Clingerman Field of Interest Endowed Fund
To fund projects that assist the elderly or that provide care of animals in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Norman Krey Family Fund

Patsy Jane Nelson Fund
For support and care and counseling for senior citizens in Spokane County through community based programs or institutions. No funds are to be used for medical care or as substitutes for public or private assistance programs available to the beneficiaries

Randy and Sharon Fosseen Family Fund

Regina Hall Fund
To benefit young women in the Greater Spokane area

Reverend  Hamp Fund for Disadvantaged Youth
For programs benefiting disadvantaged youth

Richard R. & Connie M. Stacey Fund

RRC Miller Family Fund

Ruby Bakalec Fund
To provide food, clothing, shelter and medical care to the poor and needy in Spokane County

Spokane County Medical Society Auxiliary Fund
For health education and removing barriers to health care

Spokane Foundation Fund

Spokane Inland Empire Foundation Fund

Sterling Savings Bank Fund

Thomson Fund
For the welfare and development of children

Walter Hoefel Fund
For alcoholism treatment for people who cannot afford to pay for treatment

Whitesel - Silver Valley Fund
For the Silver Valley region

Will & Lana B. Lorenz Fund

William H. & Clara E. Kronenberg Fund

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