Applications submitted to INWCF's grant programs receive a thorough review by staff and grants committee members.  Following are key areas that are taken into consideration during the review process:

Program Plan: Does the organization adequately describe the program/project and what it wants to accomplish? Does the organization present a clear and realistic plan for implementation, complete with specific activities and a timeline? Are the goals well-defined? Does the proposed project have a clear charitable purpose?

Capacity: Does the organization appear to have the capacity to carry out the proposed work? Do they have previous experience with this type of program/project or do they demonstrate previous organizational accomplishments? Is there appropriate expertise and partnerships? 

Impact/Results: How will this program/project make a difference to the target population and/or to the broader community? How significant is the program/project? Will the outcome be finite or of broad impact to the community? Will it provide a one-time benefit or a long-term impact? Is the program "change-oriented", addressing root causes rather than immediate needs?

Timeliness/Importance: How important and timely is the issue the program/project addresses? What is the level of importance to the organization and those it serves at this time? Is there a high leverage opportunity associated with this program/project?

Preparation: Has the organization done adequate preparation? Have they raised additional funds needed or do they have an adequate plan of action to raise these funds? Do they understand the potential obstacles they face and have a plan to overcome them?

Budget: Is the program/project budget clear and realistic? If this is an ongoing program/project, do they have a reasonable plan for future funding? Is the amount requested reasonable for INWCF? Is there evidence of support from other funders for projects that require significant financial support?

Sustainability: If this is an ongoing program/project, do they have a plan for future funding?

Stability: Does the organization appear to be functionally and financially stable, based on review of the organization’s operating budget and financial statements?

Evaluation Plan: Does the organization have a viable evaluation plan? What is the likelihood that the plan will successfully measure the outcomes?

Reaction: Is there a sense of excitement or intrigue about this program/project? Would you invest your own money in this program?

Perceptions: What statement do we make to the community with a decision to fund or not to fund? What is the ripple effect of our funding or not funding? Are there any concerns about the Foundation being associated with this organization or this program/project?

In addition to these areas, review committee members will evaluate how well a proposal fits the specific program guidelines.

Due to the number of proposals we receive, we sometimes must decline funding for worthwhile programs. If you have submitted a proposal that was not funded, please contact our grants program staff for additional information that may be helpful in future grant requests.

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