How do I save my application and continue working on it later?

Any time during the application process, click on the “Save and Finish Later” button at the bottom of the application page. This will save your current work and allow you to access it from your account page so that you may continue working on it at a later date.

How can I access my saved, in-progress application?

Login to your account page using the application link that was emailed to you when you started your application. Or, you may access your account page by clicking on the “Log-In” link on the upper right of the INWCF Web site.  Once you have logged in to your account page, you will find a section of “Open” applications followed by a section of “Submitted” applications. The application you currently are working on will be in the “Open” applications section.  Click on the application name to continue working on it. 

How do I include attachments with my application?

The "Attachments" page of the application clearly explains how to attach the required documents, such as budgets and financial statements. All attached documents must be in a PDF format.  If you If you have difficulty uploading any documents after you have read the instructions in the application, please contact INWCF grant staff for further assistance.

How do I convert my attachments into PDF format? 

If you do not have a program such as Adobe Acrobat to convert files to PDF format, you can download a free program from Microsoft that will allow you to save Word files in a PDF format. You can find the free download by clicking on the following link: Microsoft Word PDF Converter

What should be included in the project budget attachment?

This is the budget for the specific program/project for which you are seeking grant funds. It should include:

  • Income sources, including cash and in-kind contributions (labor, goods and supplies that are donated). Note how much income has been secured or committed.
  • Expenses, such as personnel, contract services, equipment and supplies.
  • Net income, if any, from the program (total income - total expenses).
  • Information about the costs that will covered by funds from the grant you are seeking. 
  • Grant percentage of total budget.

Please include a narrative explanation of any additional information that you believe would help us better understand your organization’s program/project budget, including descriptions of in-kind donations, explanation of specific budget items and how the amount of specific items was calculated or determined. You can access the project budget template here.

What should be included in the operating budget attachment?

The organization operating budget should include:

  • Income sources, including cash and in-kind contributions (labor, goods and supplies that are donated). Note how much income has been secured or committed.
  • Expenses, such as personnel, contract services, equipment and supplies.
  • Net income (total income - total expenses).

What other finanical information may be needed to apply?

  • Revenue and expense statement (also called a profit and loss statement), that indicates changes in net assets and statements of activity
  • Balance sheet (also called an assets and liabilities statement), that indicates the financial position of the organization
  • List of key staff including a description of their positions relative to the program/project request
  • List of board members with affiliations
  • A copy of your organization's 501 c3 letter

Can I submit our organization's audited financial statements in lieu of the required financial information?

If the financial information you intend to submit is part of your organization's audit report or 990, please do not attach full reports. Save the relevant pages as separate documents and upload only those pages. 

What if I do not have all the necessary attachments?

You will not be able to submit your application unless all the required attachments are included. We encourage you to make sure you have access to all the required financial information and other required attachments when you begin writing the application.  If you wait until the deadline to request your organization’s profit and loss statement and find out your treasurer is on vacation, then your proposal will be incomplete and will not be reviewed. 

How do I submit my application?

When you have finished your application and uploaded all the required attachments, click on the “Review and Submit” button at the end of the application.  This will allow you to give your application a final review.  You also can click on “Printer Friendly Version” at the top of the page if you would like to print a copy for your records.  After reviewing the application, you must click on the “Submit” button at the end of the application to complete the submission.    

How do I know that my application has been received at INWCF?

After you submit your application, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.  If you believe you have submitted the application, but do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact INWCF grants staff as soon as possible to determine the status of your application.

When will I be contacted about the status of my proposal?

After INWCF reviews your application, you will receive notification indicating whether your grant request has been approved or declined.  Please see our Application Calendar to find out when funding decisions are announced for each grant program.

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